About me


My name is Paul McPhee. I have been a qualified Personal Trainer for over 6 years and throughout this time I have enjoyed helping countless people. I have seen people change their bodyshape, their attitudes and mental states, their energy levels and their whole lives. I am happy to have been a part in that and would like everyone to experience the great satisfaction of reaching their goal, no matter whether it be burning fat, increasing fitness or even training for a 10k or half marathon.


After all this time in the personal training world, one of the main problems I see with people is that they have misguided ideas about how to get fit and lose weight. They have read magazines, watched TV and silly infomercials which tell them all sorts of information which nine times out of ten is wrong and won't deliver the promised results. Whether it be a programme that gives initial results for a few weeks and then nothing, or diets which help them lose weight temporarily but then loads of weight gets piled back on. I like to provide people with a solution to these problems. By giving everyone the correct information on training and eating, I am able to help people lose weight and, most importantly, keep it off. 


Everyone has the potential to look and feel the way they want. I am here to make people realise that potential so they can feel good about themselves for the rest of their lives.   

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